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Pixel3D - Turn Your Pixel Art into Voxelized 3D Shapes! [RELEASED]

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Free Version - Coming Soon!

Version 1.3 Changelog:

  • Added proper scripting access for pixel variables (size, layer offset, scale, etc).

What is Pixel3D?

Pixel3D is a simple component that attaches to Unity's built-in 2D sprite object, and turns your 2D pixelart sprites into stylized 3D shapes! Just add the component to your sprite, and press play.

Pixel3D supports frame-by-frame animation, and allows you to create awesome voxel-like effects!

Download now in the Asset Store!
Check out the WebGL Demo!

Why would I use this?

Because you want to set your Pixel Art creations apart from all others!

I have questions/comments/feedback!

We want to hear from you! Please contact us at info@cwinteractive.com


Individual sprites should be no larger than 128x128, but packed spritesheets can be larger.


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Version 1.2 Released!

In this release:

  • Fixed bug where non-center pivot point caused the 3D sprite to be offset
  • Fixed bug where sprite was offset improperly when sprite's localScale != 1

Thanks so much to superdbop on REDDIT for finding a pivot point bug!

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Version 1.3 Released!

With this version come some enhancements to scripting the pixel attributes!

I have made a WebGL build to show it off. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Check it out here!

For those interested, there were a specific set of requirements to get this working in WebGL:

  • WebGL is set to the lowest quality setting by default. In quality settings, texture resolution must be full-res to work.
  • Sprites must be imported non-compressed. I used Automatic Truecolor.
  • WebGL chugged pretty hard with SSAO, so I had to remove it for the demo.

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