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Cornfield codes and similar origin stories

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1 Cornfield codes and similar origin stories on Fri May 22, 2015 8:47 pm


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Cannon-Fodder, budding alcoholic and previous ES+ doodle-coder for CS:S, some experience with VB and batch files for windows, but let's face it, that's pretty much pseudo-code... I've been more than a bit off-topic for a while, but with the encouragement of one of my professionally-experienced friends who has graciously offered to push me in the right direction in programming, I've come to the conclusion that I genuinely would like to start hobby smithing out a game. The perspective of object-based programming is a little disorienting for me, since most of my experience is with event-based, but I'm hoping that with a little guidance and proper tutorials, I'll manage to follow through with my goal: A functional Custom Hero Line Wars standalone game that I can play with friends and potentially open up to the public after it stops becoming boxes humping each other. I have the distinct feeling that that will happen later rather than sooner, as I possess the creative design talent of a dimwitted chipmunk on crank.

That long-winded origin story done, YO BROS!

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