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Need some basic modelling done, could lead to paid work for the right person....

on Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:13 pm
I'm basically embarking on a project to produce 3D animated tutorials for the industry i work in. I run a training centre and aim to use the finished products as teaching aids.

Initially i'm looking for a 3 lane motorway to the correct scale, and a 2 lane motorway to the correct scale (i have all the specifications), and a scaled motorway junction.

Those models will be the environment in which i can then attempt to animate the jobs of the target audience.

If anyone knows of any free resources i can take a look at to get me started that would be great, or if anyone is interested in taking a project on i'd be delighted to talk further with you.

I'm relatively new to this, and definitely new to Unity (downloaded it yesterday), but i know a little about 3D modelling in 3DSMax & Sketch Up etc... i've used a team of designers to produce animations previously.

I'll be learning as i go and trying to do some of the work myself, but if the above interests anyone on here please reply to this thread or get in touch...
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