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Hi all im putting a Game Dev company together!

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Like the title says im putting a Game Dev company together, im currently the CEO of Orangewidow Ltd, initially a web dev company, from making web sites to marketing automation.

Have made games in spare time for many years now from level builder in Duke Nukem 3d and Half Life source engine through to C# and now Unity. Im proficient in C# however being professionally web based my programming skills are mainly HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT.

Im putting together a team of developers with a view to a full retail product.

Right now i have an initial game concept planned, just need some skilled developers to become a team and produce a working concept demo/video plus some decent artwork.

Once this concept stage is complete i will then be making a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds which will then mean the team can work full time and be paid. I already have many promoters lined up to push the kickstarter campaign, including many you tube channels (over 5 million subscribers in total!)

This is a serious project and the start of the Game Dev side of my company. So if you want to be a member of a new Game Dev company and can bring skills to the team let me know. I have just posted under seeking team members "Team Members Wanted".

Would like to thank MisterNinjaBoy for putting this site together, its a great resource.

Oh and MisterNinjaBoy, im about to subscribe to you on you tube hoping i can find tons of tutorial vids on car games, crash physics oh and transitioning from car to first person on foot ~(kinda gta style) Wink

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Hey, welcome to the forum! I wish you luck with your company Smile

Unfortunatley I do not have those tutorials on my channel but there is alot you can find on other channels regarding what you mentioned.
Good luck!

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I wish you all the luck but I'm afraid I'm too inexperienced to help in any way and I'm not a fan of driving games either :p

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Thanks for the replys!

Grognard87 - Not to worry thanks anyway.

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