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New User here for Unity 5

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1 New User here for Unity 5 on Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:06 pm


Member [Lv. 2]
Member [Lv. 2]
I've decided take a start into the game development world. I've been a big fan of video games for many years and I'd like to see if I can get any of my video game concepts up off the ground.

I have a Fantasy RPG, a Sci-Fi FPS/RPG hybrid and a Evil Genius type game in mind to bring to life, but I've got a long way to go before attempting these ideas as first I'll need to learn all the basics Embarassed

I don't have the funds to hire people on board so I'm going to start working up by learning tutorials from experienced users online before attempting any of these game designs in any kind of fashion.

It's a scary concept stepping into this world, but I'm confident that the games will be well received if I put in the effort and don't try to half-ass it. I wish you all good luck in mastering Unity and making your products come to life!



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