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I Need To Get A Team Together For A Game

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1 I Need To Get A Team Together For A Game on Thu Jun 18, 2015 2:18 pm


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Hey guys im a young Game Designer and im looking for a team to start making some games
so far i have me an my friend we are trying to learn C++ and are very Determined to lean more stuff i real want to get a team of people so i can start my journey as a video game programmer and antimatter  

My Skype is Issiah Figueroa [itz the one whit the old people ]
and if you cant find me
come find me on my teamspeak lobby  http://tsmia1.vilayer.com:9996

afro Rocket Raccoon

View user profile http://tsmia1.vilayer.com:9996 <------ TeamSpeak

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