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Hello Unity world, I am Stoner Games Inc.

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1 Hello Unity world, I am Stoner Games Inc. on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:37 pm


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Hello Unity World!
I am Stoner Games Inc.
My intentions are good, I want to change the world some day. I plan on doing it through the profit that I make from my company to help.
By feeding the hungry...
Homing the homeless..
Helping our veteran's get the respect they deserve.
To help give our kid's a future, a future worth looking forward to.
Our video game's are outside the box & we are not afraid to take "IT" there,
Wherever there might be.
I KNOW NOTHING about Unity.. Sad
sad story I know.
But I do plan on fixing it! I would like to make friend's that want to make video game's.
I am working on my first BIG 2D video game called,

(Game Maker Studio)

Where you have to smoke weed & kill zombie's to stay alive, while playing a BadA
story line i have come up with!
I would love to turn it into a 3D video game "Someday".
Hope this community is more welcoming then some I have been to before.
Thanks for your time!

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Ahha stoner games inc. I love it!
Well welcome to the community! You are always more then welcome to ask any questions if you do run into trouble with anything development wise, and If you need some team members you can reach out to the seeking members section!

See ya around

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