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OnCollision I wish text to be displayed.

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1 OnCollision I wish text to be displayed. on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:17 am


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Basicially, when a collision occurs I wish for my UI text to be displayed. Here is the method I am using to accomplish this, the script is attached to my UI Text GameObject:

using UnityEngine;
 using System.Collections;
 using UnityEngine.UI;
public class text : MonoBehaviour {
     // Use this for initialization
     void Start () {
        GetComponent<Text>().enabled = false;
    void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D Man)
            if (Man.gameObject.tag == "house")
                 GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;

Within Void Start I can successfully enable and disable the UI Text, however within the OnCollisionEnter2D, the GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true; just doesn't get recognised when a collision is made and so the text doesn't become true (doesn't show). I can confirm that a collision is detected, so that's not the problem.. I suspect it's something to do with the .enabled method? Could somebody help me with this.

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2 Re: OnCollision I wish text to be displayed. on Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:41 am


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why don't you try using event trigger for UI.Text

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