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MASS Multiplayer Project [shared Master Server]

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Hello fellow UnityNinja members..
about a couple weeks ago I mentioned of a project I am doing to host shared master servers.
1) If you wish to have your own shared master server own your own port (less amounts of people = less lag and more efficient) then please pm me..I will go a minimum of 5 dollars and a max of 20 dollars (if you are willing to be generous). This amount will be paid montly
2) In order to integrate with the main server that I have setup right now do the following in a csharp script:
MasterServer.ipAddress = ""; //used to connect to the Master Server
MasterServer.port =23466; //port in which it is hosted on
Network.natFacilitatorIP = ""; //use the same one as the ipAdress
Network.natFacilitatorPort =50005; //use the same port
3) if you get an error  saying that you could not connect (make sure this function runs on startup) then use cmd -> 4)
4) on windows press ctrl+r , then type cmd , then type ping
if you did not receive signal, check your firewall and anything else that may be blocking connection to the server. If nothing works then pm me
5) When renting out a custom port you will need to specify which port you have in the csharp script, I will send you the port information when you complete your order with me.
6) Remember that, all services here can be cancelled at anytime and you are never subjected to any type of contract stating that you are locked in. These servers simply provide you a easier and less time consuming for multiplayer matching. If you have troubles paying the minimum amount, compensation can be arranged.
7) You do not have to rent out a server, the main server is perfectly fine. It also has the latest and greatest dos protection, so do not worry about failure of your awesome multiplayer game to do some random player Smile
Cool please remember when registering your multiplayer game under the master server is that you choose a name in which it does not conflict with other games. Don't pick any name that is obvious, otherwise you may have conflicting matchmaking.

Final note:
Hosting a server through me is not mandatory, as the actual code for the unity master server is available. However some designers do not have the experience of doing so, as well as portforwarding. It is required to make a master server as everything facilitates through those ports.

The following link, links you to the payment options: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

MY IGN is Midnight to let you know, midnight hosted is the name of my paypal subscription service

Thank you! Very Happy

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Hey bryce! Nice to see ya back Smile

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MisterNinjaBoy wrote:Hey bryce! Nice to see ya back Smile
Yeah! Lol, school has been keeping me busy :/

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