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A Tiny, "Toy", Army Game(Percentage Of Profit)

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So, I've been thinking on a new idea for the past week or so, and I have finally decided on one. Also, I know I'm 12 (almost 13) but don't let the stop you from joining. I have worked with many teams and have created 5 games of my own.

Here is the idea: You must build up a tiny, toy military to destroy other players, and focuses more on strategy than anything else. Once you start off, you will have a basic base, an HQ, barracks, a power plant, and four turrets.

Understanding what each building does:

  • HQ: Has weapons at the top which will fire at enemy air forces. Once this is destroyed, you loose.
    Barracks: These allow you to spawn in troops.
    Power plants: These generate power (Money) to be used to create everything, from troops, to buildings.
    Turrets: Will automatically fire at enemy troops.

Other buildings and what they do:

  • Airfield: This allows the players to create their air force.
    Tank factory: Creates tanks and other vehicles for the player.
    Docks: Allows the player to build their Navy
    (more will come)

Troops/vehicles I have thought of:

  • Tanks: Armored vehicles with a slow movement, but deadly power. Good for de-fence and attacking armored vehicles or buildings with a lot of health.
    Jeeps: Good for transporting troops on land quickly.
    Scout: Quick, but doesn't have a lot health, good for testing what things shoot and what doesn't on an enemy base.
    Armored vehicle: Like the jeep, but more health.
    Stealth bomber, Good for attacking at night, drops bombs on the enemy base, quick, doesn't have a lot of health.
    Fighter: Attacks enemy planes. Good for protecting/taking out bombers.
    Bomber: Drops bombs on enemy bases, has weak guns on the front, back, and sides.

The player must use the power generated by power plants to build everything, from troops to buildings. When the player is satisfied with their army, they have a choice, play defensively or becoming a conqueror.
Are you right for the job?

You won't earn a salary, but instead, will earn a profit of the money we make on the game.
This game will be made in Unity3D.
The game will be free once it has been fully released, but early access will cost $15.
The cut that you will make is based on how valuable you are to the team. The people I will rely on more have higher cuts.
At least 6% of the money we earn will go towards emergency things.
Also, there may be more jobs available in the future, so percentages might change, stay tuned.

Animator: You will animate the models that the 3D Modeler will create. Such as, movement, firing, etc. Must have 1+ years of experience. 19% cut

Programmer: You will develop the scripts that will allow the troops to move, fire, etc. Must have 1+ years of experience with either JavaScript or C#. 24% cut

If you would like a job, contact me at dadamio108@gmail.com

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Really like the idea of the game! I wish you luck, and I hope you find the right people to work with!

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3 I could help! on Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:24 am


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Well i can help.I have 8 months of experience with blender(3d Modeling software).I have taken online lessons and have trained myself.If you think i can help then my email is Mr.melon65@gmail.com.

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Edit: Producer has been removed! And Mr Melon has the position of 3D Modeler!

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