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How to Use Xmin and Xmax in unity2d for Rigidbody2d

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Member [Lv. 2]
Can anyone please help me how to write code for xmin and xmax for unity 2d for a rigidbody2d object. please help me its very urgent of my upcoming game.

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Member [Lv. 3]
I think this is where you need to read up


in the script at the bottom it has min and max setting s for boundary movement..
not sure what you trying to do with the min and max of what

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Member [Lv. 2]
So after some searching i found you had already asked same QUESTION... 
got a Result and left the request Here WITH NO ANSWER...

Please Please

Is Original Post with Answer.....

ps sorry for lack of LINKS (i need to wait 7 days )

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