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Brand new to game dev, but looking to enter the scene with a bang.

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Member [Lv. 1]
A friend and I are working to develop an RPG. It will be a single player, directed story RPG much like a classic Final Fantasy kind of feel. I am a pen and paper artist, doing all of the concept art, and he is a writer, dealing with storyline, quests, lore, etc. We recently acquired a third member, who is currently building one of our major cities in AtuoCAD. We are looking for any and all help we can get, and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.
I will not divulge any confidential information regarding our game, but I can provide loose details about it.
Feel free to message me if you're up for a challenge. Wink

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Member [Lv. 3]
Thanks for join UNityNinja...

Hopefully your incite can do wonders for the RPG community

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