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Stoner Games Inc.

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1 Stoner Games Inc. on Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:17 am


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I am trying to make my own company slowly but surly..
I am hoping Unity will give me the break i have been hoping for.
I have game idea's i would love to bring to life with 3D using unity's power.
I am working on my 1st 2D rpg video game free to play (legends of the five pot gods)

World map view:

I been through a lot on my journey to make this company of mine a reality.
I am hoping to find programmers and 3D artists that know what they are doing to help me on my conquest.

Game idea's:
1: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa I~ (In memory to my father Mother & Brother, RIP<3)

Hero of Dead Impact:

2: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa II~
3: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa III~
4: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa IV~
5: Governments Secrets
6: More to come!

A little about me, My mother, father, and little brother have all passed away..(Life lessons) I am on a conquest to make this company (Stoner Games Inc), to forge a game making army and leave an impact on the world in a good way.. Cool Video games are in my blood since i was a kid with my little brother... again i am hoping to catch a break and introduce myself..  
I also write lyrics, i have used game maker studio, rpg maker vx/ac i have unity downloaded and would love to make my Big hit game on unity. thanks for letting me post here and happy 420 to all  Shocked

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2 Re: Stoner Games Inc. on Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:33 pm

Haha love your signature 'Stoner games - 100% homegrown" :p
Well I wish you luck with everything man, oh and welcome to unityninja! Smile

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