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Help : Need scripting assistance!

on Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:30 pm
Hey there developers!I am creating a simple 2D game with some friends and here is the main idea : Well i had in mind: about 20 ish dots spawn (red) in random locations and one blue,
and they move randomly
and you have X amout of time to click the blue dot or you lose.
You can lose by clicking the red dots and if your time gets to 0.

So, i need someone who can show or tell me or give me a script/write a script or tell me what i need to do to make the red dots and the blue dot spawn at the beggining and make them 1st) clickable and 2nd)move around in the scene randomly!

Please contact me here, or on : grmlauncher@hotmail.com or on skype : Stelios Papamichael!

THANKS! Very Happy Very Happy
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