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Hello! and looking for a 2D/3D artists for games.

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I've been an applications developer for several years and always have wanted to get into game development on the side. In the past I have dabbed a little with XNA, but never really went hardcore on it. I think the main reason is simply finding a 2D/3D artists that can bring a needed talent to the table. I've been learning Unity and quite confident that with the help of a good artist I could get a game out which I have been working on for some time (not in unity, but other platforms). The game itself is more text based, RPG.. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is a good example of the type of game.

Anyways, figure I would throw this out there and see if it intrigues anyone. Message me on questions, etc.


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I may be interested! I am more than capable of doing this. My portfolio is at fusebreaker .com

and my Skype ID is fusebreaker1

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