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Meet Foster (www.foster.noads.biz) - Click here for more information

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You love to game develop? Then this is the perfect place for you. We're game company that wants to grow up, but we need game developers. You can join for free and develop with us. You can be at any age with any knowlege. Just add joro.jur in Skype.

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Today i have spoken to this guy and he's entirly wrong out of reach! i Advise you NOT to join him due to his Lack of respect for developers.

here's some proof


so unless you wanna be bossed around, and taken for every penny you have i advise you not to join.. but me speaking on behalf of other developers " We Do Not Allow Anyone To Boss Us About Like That "

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Ahh... These haters...

They just don't understand what is to be in company and what is to have company...

To have company is you manage everything and decide what is going on.

To be in company is to listen what the boss is saying. And if you don't like it, leave and create your own company.

When you're lets say in school you're listen to the teacher and you're doing what she told.
In the company is the same.

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