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MFP Mordern First Person Shooter

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1 MFP Mordern First Person Shooter on Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:33 am


Hey community,

i don't normally post anything but today i am, im out to reach the community, im seeking team members

1 x Scripter
2 x modelers
1 x Animator

We will be using the base "MFP" as the network only, everything else is being redone. however the base will be the "MFP"

we are making this 2 Versions 1 FPS and 1 Zombie's...

We have missions in play at the moment for multiplayer but not fully sorted them!
all profit will be split into the team (IF) we decide to sell it as a kit...

if your interested please add me on skype @ Jakeyiii


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