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Game music composer, Sound effects, some programming

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I am an electrical engineer who works with electronics and embedded software. (C/C++, JAVA and Python)

On my free time I make music and it would be fun to make music for games.

I am not allowed to post soundcloud link here. So for samples contact me for now.If you find something you think would be fitting for your game, contact me on soundcloud or here.
You may also request certain styles and I will try to make a sample.

Edit: I can also do multichannel music, soundfx.

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yea i can help on the game music and sound effects

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Member [Lv. 2]
I could one day use your services for sound effects and maybe 3-4 game tracks. I am new here and am learning the format here at UnityNinja so when I find out how to add a contact, I would like to add you and get your contact info and such. I have exp in Reason and I own Reaper but I will not have enough time to produce quality sound, and sound is super important (as I am sure you already know).

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