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Open World Gamming

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1 Open World Gamming on Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:05 pm


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I have drawn since I can remember, always dreaming of far of worlds and vehicles to explore them. found heavy metal magazine, started dreaming of my own worlds. then made some bad choices and life responded in kind to get me back on track. still picking myself up from that.
in 2005 I started in 3ds max, learning architecture and fundamentals of 3d software.
2007 started at the Academy of Art (online), learned that I lacked character development skill and have studied 3d modeling, anatomy, story boarding, Zbrush, MAYA, Adobe.
2012 (or so) they stopped lending me money and I haven't been able to go back. I started looking blender and taking YouTube tutorials.
I was more focused on the movie side of CG, and have even worked up a story line for a short film. but. then there was MINECRAFT and 7 days to die.
2016 I started looking at unity games and watched a few tutorials. I have gone through the basics tutorial and have found it easy to use. but I have very little understanding of programming.
I love these world building games where we write our own stories.

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