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Programmer needed for handheld action RPG

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1 Programmer needed for handheld action RPG on Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:06 am


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The Project:
Maternal Distress is a gothic action role playing game planned for mobile platforms and PC, Inspired by Dark Souls and Final Fantasy, the game takes place in a gothic fantasy universe where a kingdom is under the threat of being taken over by nocturnal creatures.
Maternal Distress will be built on the Unity 5 engine and will be fully 3d and third person, the gameplay will consist of puzzle solving, basic platforming and strategic battes.

Role requirements:
*Good english and communication skills..
*Skype and Facebook..
*The ability to work 1 hour at least 5 days a week..
*Good knowledge with Japanese Role Playing games.

Your first responsibility will be creating a playable prototype based on the gameplay mechanics detailed in our game design documents, the role is royalty based and is not paid, the team lead is ready to sign a royalty/credit contract to make sure you're getting the credit for your work, we're looking for people looking to expand their portfolio rather than getting paid, just like we are.

To join the team, Skype us at: DerailedAlliance

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2 Re: Programmer needed for handheld action RPG on Tue May 24, 2016 9:54 pm


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Hey, guys! Show some pictures or something that we can look at.

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