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Sync Unity data as if it were a MP FPS

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1 Sync Unity data as if it were a MP FPS on Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:57 am


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Is it possible to have a server that holds the game files to a Unity game? When people want to edit the game, they connect to the server. Any changes they make immediately are sent to the server and everyone on it.

For Example:

Bob changes the position of an object in a layout. Phil is working on the same game and sees the objects position jump.

  1. Bob changed a variable (the position of an object)
  2. The change was immediately sent to the server
  3. The server sent the change to all people on the server (including Phil)
  4. Phil's computer received the change

Important Note:
If you think you can make this as a Unity Plugin, PM me and we will negotiate.

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