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Seeking Developers/Graphics/Modellors for Rocket League Type Game(Shared Profit)

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Member [Lv. 1]

Current Progress:
Game Progress From Day 1 to Now:
I am awful at this but it is hella fun lmao. Just thought I'd share my progress so far.
Edit 1:
I was able to fix the momentum barrier by changing only the Y axis and not the x and z coordinates.
It is doing better! Now to figure out rotation/flips/barrel rolls/boost.

Edit 2: First attempt at trying to get the car to do flips/roll on the Y-Axis... Damnit.

Edit 3: HOLY GUACAMOLE I DID IT (still some tweaking to be done but I dun diddly figured it out!)

lol. 42343 Much Torque

Edit 4: I have managed to get flips/spins programmed to the keyboard. I am very pleased with this for now. I will make it smoother further down the road. Next edit will be boosts.
Left Spin:
Right Spin:
Back Flip:
Front Flip:
Update 6: Playing with my Balls(Just a small update for now until my balls are scripted and rendered. Car Mechanics are smoother eh?)
Update 7: More Balls!

Update 8: Arena + Blue Car (More Cars to Come!)
The arena is buggy as hell but it's a WIP! Very Happy
Update 8: Video demonstration
Update 9: New Car! Still editing textures.
So that is my game progress so far. Here is what I need
What I Need:
C# Developers/Scripters(For car physics, game modes, etc): 2/6
Level Designers(For each gamemode there will be a different arena): 0/2
Car Makers/Ball Designers(Self explanatory): 0/2
Graphics(Menus/Logos/Car Decals): 1/2
Multiplayer Server Setup(For setting up multiplayer servers): 0/1

Profits: I can't promise anything from this but if we do make anything it will be shared with the team evenly.
Future Goals:
I want to have the following sports in the game:
Battle Arena (Debatable)
Bowling (maybe)
Still brainstorming.

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Member [Lv. 3]
Member [Lv. 3]
I am interested in this project,I am a 3d modeler I can make stuff pretty well in Blender,If you think I can participate in this project,please contact me at mr.melon65@gmail.com

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