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[HELP]FLying PLane Script

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1 [HELP]FLying PLane Script on Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:06 pm


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Member [Lv. 2]
Helloooooo!!! I'm creating a "dogfighting" game between a f-86 Saber vs MiG-15. And I really have 80% (assuming the game have no AI). Thing is: My plane start running, take off like a F-86 would do and I can spin and tilt the nose. thing is I want to perform a circle twist, yeah, that you do to get the enemy's tail position (I hope at least A few of has played H.A.W.K or something like it) . My plane fly forward but as I put the nose up it goes forward but not upwards, it should move the direction it points but it's not.

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