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Hello all!

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1 Hello all! on Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:30 am


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My name is Jordan Roemmele, I am completely new to unity although I have been a hardcore gamer since my first Atari, I have never dove into the idea of coding and creating the game. My dream is to work for Bethesda and I even started to go back to school to get the skills needed to reach that dream, right now I am taking getting my BFA in creative writing for entertainment, mostly because my goal is to become a lead writer. After do some more research, though, I found out that going in a game company as just a writer can be more challenging than going in with other skills, especially when you don't even have any work to show or publish. I am a decent writer and as of now, I am writing flash fiction stories that I hope to have published on different websites soon. So, I figured after haveing talked to lead writer of the tom clancy games at Ubisoft, and asking questions on Quora, I decided to take on learning coding, modding and unity by myself, and after I graduate from my first BFA I might get a second in the actual game development class. Even though I know it's not really needed but it doesn't hurt since I am not really a computer guy and all this information is like understanding 30 different languages so I hope you guys can really help and not be too hard on me lol, Anywho, I hope you guys can help me on my long and difficult journey to success. Never give up on your dream..

A great man once said we all can't be superman but we sure as hell can be batman, and who the hell doesn't want to be batman.

Very Happy Very Happy Chao for now!!

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