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Just wanna say hello again and to invite the community to RennTek Studios

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As your Aware RennTek Studios developed a few projects some was removed and highly modified due to the assets involved but since then the site was closed because A little noob went to a HeadOffice and had the site removed but the solutions been done and would love to invite you to RennTek Studios forum. We don't aim to beat anyone it's not about beating it's about giving to the community and sharing the experience we have.

So I'm actually going to elaborate myself, my real name is Jake, I'm 21 and 22 in a couple of days! I have experience with c++,sockets,boo,Java,JavaScript,cSharp,HTML,SQL.

I just simple wanna introduce you to the community it's new and won't go down this time all content we share is done by RennTek Studios completely. Soon to be released our own custom MMO style system with current features

Chat server, account server,world server,master server, server, cSharp client(unity), sending/receiving data, save and load accounts.

Completely functional and will be released sometime after Christmas.

Join the community and maybe offer some help and support by posting or even introduce your self.


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