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Created a Minimap but can't get it to follow the player

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I'm using Unity Version 5.5.0f3.

I created a minimap thanks to a tutorial I found online. It looks great. Only problem is, it doesn't follow the player when I test the game.

I tried attaching different scripts, but nothing seems to work so far.

Anybody got some advice on how to do it on this version of Unity?


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Some ideas to fix this: Make a script that constantly changes the position of the camera to the position of the player except on a certain y position.
var plr : Transform;
var y : float;

function Update () {
transform.position = Vector3 (plr.position.x, y, plr.position.z);

Or, you could just put the camera into an unrotated child of the character (or just under the character). If you want the camera to stay at the same y position the whole time, just create some simple code.

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