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360 Video Using 5.6 Video Player

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1 360 Video Using 5.6 Video Player on Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:02 pm


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Need some help setting up a basic 360 video project in Unity using the new video player in  the 5.6 beta that supports 4K resolution. I have walked through multiple tutorials and picked up on the basics of Unity in general, but can't seem to get it to display in game view. Being from a 360 video production background, I really look forward to integrating high res 360 video in interactive projects. Looking for the simplest new standard for implementing high resolution 360 video playback in Unity.

Has anyone found a straightforward way to do this?

Thanks for any tips or links pointing me in the right direction. Happy to share footage for testing in your own projects if anyone is interested.

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