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Need 3 People (2 modelers, and 1 scripter)

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1 Need 3 People (2 modelers, and 1 scripter) on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:38 pm


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Hello everyone, and I am trying to make a game called Snowfall. I need modelers, and maybe a scripter. I only need 3 people to join with me, and I will give 25% of the money the sales make to each of the workers. Thanks!

Description of the game: In Snowfall, you play as Hob, a peasant who lost his home and money after his father died. His mother left long ago, and now Hob is living on the cold, harsh snow. The main point of the game is to gain wealth and live a healthy life in the mountains.
The game is very unique because after gaining enough wealth, you can become a shopkeeper, an inn keeper, and much more! (NOTE: This will only be included in the full version. This will NOT be in the Alpha and Beta of the game.)
There is no real story, it's more of surviving in the harsh mountains of Igbushet.

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big-mac Nigga

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Im a Decent Modeler but very poor scripting

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