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Need help with objects clipping and navnesh agents going through them

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Hello everybody,

Please refer to a question I've asked in Unity's answer page (at the bottom in 7 days).
My goal is to avoid navmesh agents going through the child objects of other agents, and avoid the child objects clipping with each other.

This is very important as this is a VR simulation for my masters degree and it's not looking too well when people see this happening.

Brief update on what has been done:

1. I've put a Navmesh Obstacle, very small one, on the carts - but it's too costly and the Navmesh Agents are rigid about it.

2. had a Navmesh agent on each cart! but the cart will lose its rotation and I can't have it at the right rotation... agent.UpdateUpAxis doesn't seem to work for me, although it was eccepted as the right answer in one of the answers.

3. Tried having a cube in the cart, and a rigid body and in Import I've selected the Generate Collider.

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