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My new Project which I need help

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1 My new Project which I need help on Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:12 am


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Hello everyone. FInally I'm about to start (and complete) my very first game with Unity. For now It's impossible for me to update... so I'm still stuck with Unity3D v4.3.3. I will need help with this:

- Save and Load: Is a very large game. It has no fight nor enemies. Just jumping platforms, avoiding traps and some parkour. But I need to implements autosave, autoloads, etc. It's gonna be very simplistic but it's too large and it has challenge mode and unlockables.

- Third Person Camera: basiclly I need something to avoid my Camera stuck on walls or floors. When the camera touches a wall it shoul approach the Player...as in all third person games

-Platform Collision detection: On static platforms its fine, but for moving platforms It gets very complicated. For now I'm using Platform Input Controller... and Works kinda OK. Also.. I need a traditional WASD movement to use it on a Generic or Humaniod rRig character. My actual character Rig is Legacy.

I'm letting this video here but is in spanish... I will make another in english for all of you. Recommend me, Help me and comment the video:


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