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I.B. Loud - Here's what you need to know about me.

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...like hitting a cigarette without a filter. #Blunt

So many jokes in plain-sight. I hope some of you are laughing. I am Content Curator and Blogger for GameDevJon.com For years I have dreamed of becoming a part of the video game industry. I tried to enter via eSports. Yeah, a little too ahead of my time however, I've been able to take those lessons and find success in writing about game development. Jon's tutorials are in direct collaboration with Unity so I really honored he choose me to work with him.

I joined this group based on a link I found in a CCG kit description. A treasure that made me go squee just by itself and then...I find all of you lovely beasties. What a great frakkin morning!

I'm here to learn, from all of you, what topics I should write about. Discuss issues you see in the platform or industry and just generally be a positive influence for people like me in the industry.

That's me. Thanks for reading!

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What e-sports did you try to break into? I've also dabbled a bit in that and, man, the amount of practice you need to do is insane.

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Raithen wrote:What e-sports did you try to break into?  I've also dabbled a bit in that and, man, the amount of practice you need to do is insane.

I hope I did this right. I'm still getting used to this forum.

I was really naive and tried League of Legends from complete n00b. I mean I had never played a MOBA before or knew anything about the game. My partner in crime knew more than me so I thought I'd be ok.

Wrong Answer

But I kept researching and became the team coordinator. We had two teams I was proud of how they played together. Then I moved into eSports consulting cause I wasn't going to give up and tried to be better at many other types of MOBAs (Infinite Crisis, Smite, Gigantic, etc.). Hearthstone competition wasn't there yet. Besides I fell in love with Tavern Brawling - which wasn't really that popular at the time.

Since then I have found out the pro players who are really good know how the game works. Pretty much they are like developers and know what to look for when it comes to the mechanics. Think advanced playtesters.

Once you learn that its all about muscle memory and reflexes for certain games. So now, I'm working with developers, the Georgia eSports League. I've been able to apply all those years of what I thought was failure into career opportunities. Like content creation for GameDevJon and they are helping me find a way to play competitively and have fun.

I've learned the expectations most people have on development cycles, the realities of the real world - where a game actually makes a profit. You'd be sooooo surprised. Are just not realistic. So my main focus with the blog will be to provide clear, concise, easy to digest information for people to know what is really necessary to be the boss. Or what kind of project a person, by themselves, can honestly finish, what it will look like, etc.

I'm hoping I can make friends here because its a LOT and the "experts" can have an ego but I'm not giving up. I've come too far and things are finally starting to pay off. I want to help others be able to realize their dreams - no matter where they end up.

Sorry about the small book. I'm just really excited you asked about it.


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