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New here, and to Unity and c# too!

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1 New here, and to Unity and c# too! on Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:24 am


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hi guys,

im new here...my name is sigint ninja...and i only discovered unity a week ago or so...i have followed a couple of tutorials (the car,and the plane) on youtube and have fallen in love with Unity!!!

i know very little about c# and have more of a java background...though my knowledge is very limited in that department,wrote loads of console "silly" programs like dice rolling and guess numbers etc. Still want to keep studying java...

How much c# do you need to work well with unity...should i just do a c# basics course?
though i would think it would be the same as the java i have done...i know about inheritance
etc etc...but have never really applied it in any of my coding thus far.

was just curious if i would be able to pickup c# as i go,or should i study it firmly before even looking at unity?

thanks for reading..hope we can talk again.

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