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Source Code | Thai Fu2 Fighting

on Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:54 am

Do you have what it takes to be the best, to conquer the arena of the mightiest fighters in this universe?
“Long ago, there was a time when all was at Peace but then came the time when all went south and time of tyranny.
Deliver Source Code Unity 5.6 Version Recommend!
20 Avatars Warrior Fighters Including > 6 Additional Avatars is ready! Extra Gift
6 Efix HD Environments Including > 12 Additional Environments is ready! Extra Gift
Combos Animations 52 Including > 40 Additional Animation is ready! Extra Gift
Well Organized Documents *.PDF - Avatar Change Video Tutorials - GUI -UX -UI Video tutorials - Game Risking Video tutorials. Easy to customized Drag and Drop Thai-fu2 Fighting Engine.

- Open project with Unity 3D
- Change app name, app id and app version / code version (important)
- Change / Replace icons and splash screens
- Replace Ads Advertising ID's
- Build your signed /unsigned apk.
Laughing Very Happy
>>Free Download
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