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Point lights disappearing at certain distance from others when not looking at eachother with camera

on Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:39 am
We've been stuck at this for quite a while, heh.

FYI: We are using the Lightweight render pipeline (i know this is not officially available yet, but seeing as we just started, we're figuring by the time we're done it should be implemented in Unity).

The problem: We have a point light on our characters, this works fine. But as 1 point light moves away from the other point lights the point light on your character disappears. This strangely enough REAPPEARS when looking AT other point lights.

And when looking at other point lights the light reappears on your ball (same position):

*In the settings of the lightweight asset the point lights are set to 8 max. We have 5 lights in the scene.
*On the Scene window this does not happen, only in actual game / in the build
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