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Unity Noob

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1 Unity Noob on Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:31 pm


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Hey peeps,
I'm Presci. I started Unity game dev on Dec 2nd. Life has been awesome since.
I have 5 Scenes nearly complete on my first game. yeah it's a 2D space shooter ...but all those exposed are really loving it and tell me I should sell it...that's encouraging.
But if you code in Unity you don't require much encouragement because it motivates all by itself. Anyway I'm a veteran medical applications & database developer. That has been my pride & joy for nearly 17 years. That passion has been diverted now to Unity. I've been making RPG table top games since second grade (I'm 44 now) so I have gamer blood. I've finished more than my share of console RPG's and shooters alike. I've written a few cheesy games in VB over the years but VB just isn't designed for that.
Now I'm sitting here in a neck brace (true story) from marathon C# coding in Unity 4. I've been writing code every night, every week, and every weekend since day one, December 2nd. Every now and then I let my girlfriend come over for short visits just to retain some humanity ...but It's fading fast. lol
I eat fingernails and my finger tips. I smoke 25 butts an hour and drink about an oil tanker of coffee a day. All essential for Unity development at the rate I'm going. I can only hope that my health holds out long enough to finish this game and Transfer.myPosition to 3D development.

I hope we have lots to share in this community.
Sorry for burning your eyes out. Talk with ya soon!

...and many thanks for having me

"Unity is the Strength" quote from Snoop Lion Put Your Lighters Up.

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2 Re: Unity Noob on Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:16 pm


Welcome to UnityNinja! I hope you learn lots from this website!

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