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Connecting the Unity editor to your project while its running on a device

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Hi everyone

I would like to introduce you to a Unity plugin I have been working on called RemoteBrain for Unity.
This plugin lets you connect the Unity editor to your project while it is running on a device.

Here is a short demonstration of the plugins main features:

As you can see, the plugin lets you connect to your project using the devices IP address.
Once connected, any GameObject in the scene is added to the editor and gets synchronized in real-time.
Any change to the GameObject on the device will show in the editor and vice versa.
The installation is very minimal - you just copy a script and a dll to your project, place the script over one of the GameObjects and you are all set.

The plugin is now available on the asset store:

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

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Wow, this is very interesting!

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