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Need members to start a new Development Team

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1 Need members to start a new Development Team on Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:46 pm


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Hi everyone, i'm an experienced developer in different programming languages, web development, and also mobile apps developer (just the basics), not a perfect one, but a hardworker and nice with my teammates and also new at this forum btw

I'm looking for people, who wants to work in apps or games, Desktop or mobile, and even online ones (for games) i have not started a big project as this before, because of the time you need to make it happen on your own, and all the hardwork it takes to only one person.

Designers, Programmers, and also Suggestions are accepted, you only need motivation, and the basic knowledge of game development or programming.

I have no topic or area i think it's better than other, may be any kind of game or app.

People who would like to be part of this project, may PM or post below.

Greetings, and thanks to everyone for reading the post, i also have to admit there are people interested in getting teammates like me, i will not say i'm better that them because it's false, or have more knowledge about the game development environment and experience, i just want to have fun with it, and make something that will benefit all of us.

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is it possiable for me to join your team?

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