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Hi Ninja! I'm New

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1 Hi Ninja! I'm New on Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:14 am


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Hello Ninja and the Community!
I am a fan of your videos Ninja and I think you keep them simple and straightforward on your unity tutorials.
I play a lot of red crucible 2 and a friend of luftangriefer, I assume you know him.
It's summer now and I now got the time and interest in making my own FPS game as a hobby and possibly get this on my youtube channel. I do make some videos on RC2 but slowed down because of school.
Check out my channel "awesomelegodude101"
On unity I am going to make an fps modern trench warfare with all of my credit to MisterNinja!
Please Subscribe and I hope to see you on the Forums!

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2 Re: Hi Ninja! I'm New on Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:05 pm

Hey! Welcome to the forum, and I am happy you have an interest in game dev!
Yes, I know luftan, an I think I have even come across your channel a few times! I hope to see some awesome work from ya, and if you need help at any point, just PM me or write in the help section, there will be a couple of us that would be glad to help! Have fun.

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