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Helpful Enumeration Tutorial (Javascript == true)

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Hello, and welcome to my Enumeration tutorial. Today I will teach you how to make enums in javascript.
so i will start out with how to make an enum var.

enum ThisIsTheEnumVarible{Name,Name,Name,Name,Name}

This will not show up in the editor because it is not a real var.
you can make an enum var with doing this.

enum nameofenumvar{enum1,enum2,enum3}
var Var1 : nameofenumvar;

that is how you make the dropdown bar. so now i will teach you how to test if it is one of them.

if(Var1 == nameofenumvar.enum3) {
   print("you are on enum3");

next is how to set the enum in javascript.  

nameofenumvar = nameofenumvar.enum2;

Thanks for reading. please comment and ask what i should do in my next tutorial.

                                      Thanks Wooden What a Face

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Nice... Very helpful for people who use JS

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Hey Wooden, this is great but its also in the wrong section of the forum, should be in the Tutorials section.

--New Developer

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Ok Sorry next time i will post my Tutorials on Tutorials section.
--Sorry, Wooden Sad

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No problem wooden, I'll just move the topic. Thanks for posting and helping out the community!

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