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Changing Variables from different script (SendMessage)

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Hi everyone! Today you are going to learn how to send messages to another script/gameobject.
so what you want is to change this variable A from 0 to 1.
So you want to send it to a player transform/gameobj
var playerobj : Transform;
function Start() {
2nd Script
var A = 0;
function WhatCoroutineNameIs(mynum : int) {
   A += mynum;

That is the basics of SendMessage! Thanks for reading. please leave a comment of what tutorial i should do next!
Thx Wooden

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Hey wooden_sword thanks for sharing your mini tut! I fixed it, but please in the future when you put code at the start and the end use these tags: [c ode][/cod e] (but w/o spaces) or just press the code button when making a post.

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Ok thanks for the help MisterNinjaBoy

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I am So EXTREMELY sorry for my long absence and not coming on unityninja! please forgive me?
~sincerely wooden

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