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I need to know this..

on Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:15 pm
If you ever played the ''The Witcher'' game (the first one) that's a plus for this topic. So, here I am thinking about making a survival horror game with unity3d. But i have a problem, even if it's temporal. My PC is outdated, meaning that i have an
-Nvidia geforce 210 1GB graphics card
-2 GB Ram ddr2
-120 GB HDD
-E5200 2,50 Dual Core Proccesor.
-Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bits.

(Some examples of games that i can run with my system:
-The Witcher(High settings, 1600x1200)
-The Sims 4 (High settings, 1280x720)
-Dota 2 (Low/Medium settings, 1600x1200)
-Outlast (Low/Medium, 1600x1200)
-Among The Sleep (Low, 1280x720)

My question now I want to create a survival horror game with Unity that has graphics like The Witcher, that is not Open World (based on gameplay rather than graphics).I don't want pixels either.
Can I ? (at least for now, cause I think I will upgrade my system in a month, two maybe).

Please try to explain why and how in your answers, be open-minded. Thank you.
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Re: I need to know this..

on Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:32 pm
Firstly, yea dude, in this point in time I would really recommend an all around hardware upgrade, especially if you are planning in developing games and doing things of such cpu recourse demand.
As for making a game able to run on very low end hardware, you would have to consider optimization of alot of aspects within the game, but I wouldn't have to go in depth into that as this document really explains it thoroughly.

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