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Need help making a really simple game based on Quicktime Events

on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:25 pm
Hey! I'm really new to Unity, and I need to use Unity to create a very simple game for a science fair project. Basically, this game would have a simple 3D level (created in Blender), and be in the first person perspective. However, what is important is that THE PLAYER DOES NOT HAVE FREE CONTROL OVER THE CAMERA/PLAYER. Basically, how would I make it so that the camera moves on its own to a fixed point, then a prompt shows up (player can press arrow keys to choose direction to move) and then the camera goes in the direction the player chose? Basically:
Camera moves from point A, stops at point B.
Prompt asks player which way they want to go.
Player presses RIGHT arrow key, camera moves to Point C.
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