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Covert Ops Seeking New Members!! - PROFIT SHARE!

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Hello , my nickname is Hardwell, and i am currently working on a first person shooter game called Covert Ops which is being developed by Royal Game Studios. My role in the team is to be a C# Programmer. Before I joined the team i had a project, which was similar to Covert Ops one of the members from the team called Reece (HAMM4R) found me and I showed him my project and he liked it. We decided to join both of the projects and make a good one out of the two. Now I have been in the team for quite a long time now, probably 1-2 years and I have to say the game is looking good.

Project Background story:
When a new dangerous terrorist organization who call themselves The Order of Chaos emerges and launches a fire sail, the world is in despair. All communications, power, transportation and utilities are controlled by the Order. With the cyber attack complete the Order begins launching deadly biological bombs to proceed with what they call The Cleansing. In response, The US forms a unit of the most skilled and deadly operatives to quickly and successfully terminate the new terrorist group. the group travels to various places on the globe and takes down the organization.

At the moment the team is not very big, and that is one of the biggest reasons that I am writing this post. In order to make this project succefull we need a good team, that works together to get the best quality as possible. We have a few roles in the team, but we are looking for more!!

We currently have:
-2 C# Programmers.
-2 3D Modellers.
-1 2D Artist.
-1 Sound Designer.

What we are looking for is:
-1/2 Animators.
-1/2 3D Modellers + Texturing Skills.
-1 2D Graphic Artist.
-1 Web Designer.
(Please don`t apply for this, if you haven't got any experience with any of the jobs above. We are looking for experienced people who know what they are doing).

This is our latest update of the game:

Since the last update, there have been lots of updates and changes to the game. We were considering to record a new update and release it at the end of 2014, but we never had time, because of School work and etc. The game looks very different from the last update, for example:

We`ve added lots of features:
-New HUD
-New PREHOLDER Weapons
-WIP Parkour
-Fully textured and functional menus
-And many more..

If you want to contact we, you can add me on skype:ivanikalin or send me an email to: conev_1984@outlook.com
I cant show much pictures right now, but you can check out our facebook page for more recent information and images of the game.!!
And please give it a like!! What a Face What a Face

The new Basic Menu that I have been working on:
-Main Menu

-Host Menu

Bare in mind the menu is not finished yet. I only started yesterday, so there is still a lot to work on.  Smile

And also this is my first topic, so don't judge me, please!   tongue

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Hey, any idea when the next update will release? Game looks very promising.

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i dont know when we will start recording the new update but it should be soon Smile

4 Web designer. on Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:00 pm


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I have some experience using Weebly in web design and can help you out if you really need a web designer.

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yeah sure, add me on skype:ivanikalin so i can c some of your experience Smile

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Ignores my question..

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Ninjaboy i never ignored you, the comment is above -.-

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Aw my bad, totally missed that. Well I look forward to the next update!

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