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Calypso - Horror Game - is Looking For You!

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1 Calypso - Horror Game - is Looking For You! on Mon May 04, 2015 10:47 am


is looking for you...*

We are a team of two Developers, And working on an horror game , the game is under development and is gonna be paid, Right now the game is in development,

Here is a story of our game


You wake up, blury eyed and its raining outside start to look around as
you look you see you are insdie hospital everything seems normal untill you
look outside you see the place is diserted you can make out over growth on
some old buildings you try to open the door and its locked after some
time you notice someone slip a key to your room you unlock the door and there
are dollys and wheelchairs all over the place like there was some kind of rush
there is rubbish on the floor and flickering lights once side of the hallway
is blocked so you are forced to go the other way around as you progress you
see a elivater and it has no power and the swtich is broken.

you wounder round the lonesome hall ways you hear the howling of the wind
rushing through the broken windows, the wind knocks over a bit of glass and
it shatters on the floor as you approch the end of the hallway a wheelchair
rolls out of one of the rooms you look inside and see nothing but a empty bed
you continue to look around the hospital roaming the ghostly halls when you
start walking towards the reception desk you see a ghostly figure sitting
at the desk when she vanishes you search the desk and in the draw you find a
flashlight and a note


Some Shots of the Hospital

Video of The FPS SYSTEM

How many Developers we are

Unity Developer & Modeler - Me
Level Designer and Story Artist - Ryan Sparkes

Who we need

Unity Developers

Skype me on @ bhavyaworks

*Work is Voluntary

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Why do you use Outlast kit (HORROR KIT)? You need to change all the models ripped from Outlast and sounds...

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developer23 wrote:Why do you use Outlast kit (HORROR KIT)? You need to change all the models ripped from Outlast and sounds...

Dear developer23

We will replace as soon as we get a sound artist

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