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descriptionHello Everyone

You can call me InvertedCat.
I'm a novice and really looking forward to learning how to use Unity as well as learning to program efficiently in general.
As for experience I don't have much...
A bit of my background:
I started with scripting in BASH on Linux and realized how much I love piecing things together. I quickly attempted to take on c++ head on and sprinting but was very discouraged to find the learning curve to be so vast. I then took a Java basics class using similar software to Unity. The satisfaction I feel from achieving a goal and creating something from scratch is amazing!
As for my short term goals I plan on recreating or basing my games on many of my childhood favorites first such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, Bonk.

As for my long term goals and the main reason I'm here:
I hope to gain the skill, proficiency, and team to build an Open World 3d game similar to the GTA series and S.K.A.T.E.

I hope to meet you all and eventually contribute to the community one day.
I appreciate any help I receive and want to say, "Thanks!" in advance.


descriptionRe: Hello Everyone

Welcome to the community InvertedCat!
Sound like a really interesting person, and if you need help with anything at any point, we are always here to help, so do not hesitate to make a post in the help section!
See ya around
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