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descriptionI need some help please!? :D

Hello everyone!

I am making a 3D Unity game and I need help with some stuff:

1.A mission/ task system for my player --> I mean I want to make my character to complete 3 or 5 tasks to go to another level for example to buy 3 apples or 5 strawberries or to go and talk with one of my NPCs.

2.A path for my camera --> I want that once I press Play in My Main Menu to be like an intro with the main camera go between houses and other stuff in my village and end after 10-20 sec.

3.Help with my Loading Screens --> I want to set up my loading screens for different levels in my game.

4.Help with some NPC GUI --> I'm noob about that GUI stuff Smile) and I just want to make some conversation between one or more NPC and my player.

5.Help to make my player take a book or some pages from the table or the ground so I can read what's on that.

Please help! Smile

You can also contact me by or,  by Skype: gabriel.alexandru96 or by

descriptionRe: I need some help please!? :D

Sounds like you are looking for a freelance developer, many can be found online, in fact I might start a network here on unityninja.

descriptionRe: I need some help please!? :D

The same answer on 3 forums. Dude, I don't need a single person or a team or a freelancer I just need some advices. Like how to do that system from 1, but I already done that with help from an indian guy by Facebook.. bounce bounce bounce bounce
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