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descriptionScripting for the very beginner.

Hello again everyone.

As stated in my Introduction Thread i would like to ask for some help with scripting.

I think my Problem is pretty abstract.

I wish to know/learn scripting on my own with Unity. Wich kinda doesn't work with the Videos they provide since they only tell you what to exactly type in to make stuff work.

So i wonder how do you know what Codes you need. How does one just make a Game and knows what script he needs to write in order to get stuff working as intended.

Maybe someone out there knows what i mean and can give me some help here.

descriptionRe: Scripting for the very beginner.

most people go to school for learning how to code. videos are the only thing i can use sience i just turned 15. school teaches how things work and how you can understand a coding language by telling you what things do. I have learned my first coding language from videos.. if you want to learn on your own then i suggest the unity code documentation site at
and the unity manual

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