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descriptionI'm Catastrophe, hardcore female gamer.

Hi, came here after finely finding a YouTube video on editing that actually worked as demoed rather then the deep accent, pounding obnoxious background music or wrong updated info in tutorials I normally find. Thank you "Mister Ninja Boy"

 I call myself hardcore gamer because I dream of games. I have dreams I am in (whatever game I happen to be into at that moment in time).  But, for me I am not in the game I am living it, been playing games since the first system was created for in homes in my case I go back to Atari 400, then home computers in the early 80's, from there I started building my own computers operating Sysop and BBS board and Door games.  I stayed hungry for more learning everything I could.  Eventually I had to earn a income and later support a child alone while, messing with computers and game editing was no longer a option though I still played any games I could daily.  Creating and editing games skipped me by for a couple decades,  but I still use map editors every chance I got Dude Nukem, Half life, Morrow Wind, Far cry 3. Every chance I got to map edited and build my own game I am on it.  Recently I have been playing H1Z1 and honestly the amount of hackers and cross-hairs the dev team is putting on everyone it's become stressful and got me wanting to start making my own games again my rules!  So, here I am ready to learn all I can and take this to the next level am not getting any younger and I already missed 20 years of learning programming I know things changed a lot from back when I programmed so I need help!  

` Cat  "AKA" Gamer tags Evil-Eve Twisted Evil  , Catastrophe  affraid and DaisyDuke from my Duke Nukem days when I was rated highest score player by TV shows and gamer magazines eat your heart out (male gamers) hehe lol!

descriptionRe: I'm Catastrophe, hardcore female gamer.

Welcome to the community!
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