Hi guys!

Anyways, I've been playing video games for a few years now, periodically (constantly) thinking "Hey, that's a cool idea for a mod" or "I wish there was a game like that!"
So, I got started with a Minecraft modding tutorial, and it was alright. But I wanted more! I wanted.. To make my own game! After browsing the various options that didn't demand I pay $300 up front (because with my history, I was not likely to make that back),
I found Unity, and through tutorials of that, this forum.
So, um, hi! If anybody has any tips for physics simulations and/or building/management game making in Unity, I could use them. Im currently working on a strategy game where you command, expand, and manage a generation ship through the void, scavenging supplies, patching up holes with duct tape, and generally trying hard to stay alive.

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