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descriptionI am looking to make games. Where to start?

I am totally new to programming and want pointers on where to start. I've already made an account for code academy and started the Java Script portion.  All I've got done was the first few lessons and learned about If and Else statements as well as learned about other minor things. Should I continue on learning Java and that will help me in programming games? I'm totally lost. tongue Any pointers and where to start off and how you became a programmer(If you are). Anything will help.

If this means anything my age is 14. Young I know but I figured the younger I start, the better!

descriptionRe: I am looking to make games. Where to start?

Java is great if your going mobile as such,, have a opportunity...  But honestly i have had 1 year in UNI and JAVA is pants according to ALL the job offers..

C was the way to go according to there interview request and the job listings..

So sorry if i wasted 100's of peoples time learning Js... but on good note JS, is great language if you want to tier more to the WEB and not system based programming..

Hopefully this is correct for the Usages vs Practical...

But i STILL stand by whos offering the JOBS..

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